Transform Your
Relationship With Life

Healing Takes Time and Comes in Waves. Somatic Soul is here to help.

If you fight a war with food and are obsessed with the scale,
binge eat on the daily and then feel guilty,
and look in the mirror at your body and feel shame,
a healthier relationship with food and self awaits.

My four-step method is based on Somatics, Hypnosis,
Breathwork, and Online Coursework.

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Many blessings. -Deb

Welcome to Somatic Soul!

I’m Debra McCurtain, a Certified Integrative Trauma Facilitator trained by The Aura Institute, a retired Certified Nurse Practitioner with a deep background in weight loss, an Advanced Clinically Trained Hypnotherapist completing a two-year internship with The Wellness Institute, and a Certified Breathwork Facilitator through Neurodynamic Breathwork Online. I’m currently working with Marissa Peer, one of the leading hypnotherapists in the world, and I’m in the Vital Psychedelics Facilitator Training.

“I am healed by the sacred divine for the benefit of all the sacred divine” -Deb

Let’s Unlock Your Potential

Start by scheduling a free consultation with me. We’ll create your personalized integrative platform
that may include somatics, hypnotherapy, and breathwork via online telehealth.



Somatics, a new approach to healing trauma and mental health, focuses on the mind-body connection. By fostering awareness of bodily sensations and emotions, it helps release sadness, grief, fear, anger, and anxiety, transforming how the nervous system responds to trauma and enhancing overall well-being.

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This form of therapy uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and uncover blocks, like watching a movie of profound experiences where negative beliefs are formed. Techniques such as suggestion, visualization, and regression help identify, reframe, and transform these beliefs. It allows individuals to overcome limitations and release stuck emotions.

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Breathwork merges mind and release, using breath as a vehicle, with music as a healing river to the soul. It connects us to our inner healer, guiding us into inner realms and releasing subconscious blocks through the body. Surrender, trust, and acceptance are key; our inner healer guides us only where we’re prepared to go. The path to healing always lies through.

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“Hypnotherapy has been a game changer for me. I have learned to love myself, forgive myself and have more clarity about my needs. It has empowered me to say, “No” when I need to. During the session I faced some childhood trauma and began healing. Hypnotherapy reprogrammed my thoughts and how I respond to all situations. I am not as reactive and co-dependent. I have lost weight and make better choices with food. I am so grateful to Deb for opening this door to this therapy and look forward to more sessions as I continue to heal and discover myself.”
“Hypnotherapy with Debra has been the best thing I ever did. It helped me to get in touch with the root cause of the problems that have been plaguing me all my life. It brought me in touch with those feelings and patterns in a way that nothing else had helped. I had tried everything from aromatherapy to Zen and nothing had given me the relief that I needed from my did from my baggage and the patterns that were instilled in me as a child. The Process was not only painless it was liberating and freeing and my life has completely turned around after just 2 sessions I cannot say enough for Deb and the wonderful work that she is doing.”
“Every time I hear your voice I hear an old soul full of wisdom, gentleness. kindness, patience. You bring deep healing energy to your clients.”